Hodge ‘get together’ 2007 – Punakaiki Photo

It’s now Thursday, and we’ve been in Punakaiki for 4 days. We’ve been staying with my parents who manage the Paparoa Park Motels. The weather has been so so, but you can’t expect tropical temperatures on the west coast, especially in winter. It’s been great spending time with the family, as we get together every… Continue reading Hodge ‘get together’ 2007 – Punakaiki Photo

Update 20th April ’07

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week. Hasn’t the weather been nice, I’ve been enjoying walking to work every day while catching up on some episodes of Nobody Likes Onions and BoagWorld podcasts. I’d like to give a big shout out to Lee Rattray this morning on his 36th birthday. Happy Birthday Lee, hope your family… Continue reading Update 20th April ’07

Update 23rd Mar ’07

Didn’t the week start out rubbish, now it’s fine and clear. Well I can say with all honesty, that I’ve been a busy wee boy over the past week (by my standards) Last weekend Daniel Pene (old school friend) came up to Rotorua for the weekend with his girlfriend Sam to catch up with her… Continue reading Update 23rd Mar ’07