Kaylee Rae Hodge

Introducing Kaylee Rae Hodge. We arrived at the Rotorua Hospital just before 11am on the morning of June 18, 2009. We were quickly shown to our room (room nine) in the perinatal ward of the hospital as the birthing ward was all full up. After some initial consults from staff midwifes, the anesthialogist and the… Continue reading Kaylee Rae Hodge

Baby 2.0

This time tomorrow, we’ll have another child. Kim is going into hospital tomorrow morning for an elective cesarean (c-section) operation in the afternoon. I’m not sure who’s more nervous, last time I nearly passed out. But with the help of our Midwife Midhusband Graham, I’m hoping to stand up and watch the baby being removed… Continue reading Baby 2.0

Update 20th April ’07

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week. Hasn’t the weather been nice, I’ve been enjoying walking to work every day while catching up on some episodes of Nobody Likes Onions and BoagWorld podcasts. I’d like to give a big shout out to Lee Rattray this morning on his 36th birthday. Happy Birthday Lee, hope your family… Continue reading Update 20th April ’07

20 Week Scan Update

Had the 20 week scan today, and it all looked amazing!You could see everything, fingers, toes, and even while the nurse was holding the thing still, the little rascal was moving all over the show, turning, rolling over, covering it’s head, it was so cool to watch. As with the 13 week scan, I hope… Continue reading 20 Week Scan Update