The Fabulous Friday Funnies

A little boy had just started school. He was doing so well his grandfather took him to the zoo to celebrate. As they stopped at each enclosure the Grandfather would asked the boy, ‘What’s this?’ It’s a Lion,’ the boy replied. ‘That’s good,’ said Grandfather. ‘And what’s this in the next one?’ ‘Its tiger’ replied… Continue reading The Fabulous Friday Funnies Video Podcast Released

I’ve been working on creating a video podcast of all the current videos in the Video Gallery for you all to enjoy live and streamed directly into iTunes. Then stay subscribed to receive the latest videos as soon as they are posted. Subscribe using the button below and get all the videos to watch anytime… Continue reading Video Podcast Released

Team America Audio Explicit Content

Audio from the funny movie by the makers of Southpark. It’s exaggerated Thunderbirds mets Jerry Bruckheimer action movie, funny as heck if you like stupid funny. Not Kim’s cup of tea… Enjoy. Team America Theme (Song) [audio:teamamerica_theme.mp3] Everyone has AIDS (Song) [audio:teamamerica_aids.mp3] My Time is Extremely Vaulable [audio:teamamerica_timeisvaluable.mp3] This is a nice Limo [audio:teamamerica_nowsuckmycock.mp3] Now… Continue reading Team America Audio Explicit Content