Cake or death?

httpv:// Thorn2200, the user who posted this, is very talented and I think he’s done an awesome job of animating Eddie Lizzard’s stand-up comedy using Lego characters. Check out all his videos here.

Reporter flips out

Heard this on Keith and the Girl, ed funny as ever… A nice well spoken african-american television reporter flips out after a bug flies into his mouth. He quickly turns ghetto and lets lose while the camera man continues to record and laughs at him. httpv://


Funny stuff by a NZ comedian. Great covers, recipe really talented, so funny… Enjoy. httpv://

Scooter Racing Video

I could get into this! Looks like a bit of fun, mind except the falling off that all these Asians are doing. A little something I could fit into my morning commute to work perhaps? httpv://

Sparkling Wiggles

This is so funny and is doing did the rounds on uTube Stupid YouTube took it down for a while cause it was offensive… So much PC bullshit around, pills almost as bad as that America dude Imus who got fired from his 20 year career job for saying Nappy Headed Hoes. httpv://