Video Podcast Released

I’ve been working on creating a video podcast of all the current videos in the Video Gallery for you all to enjoy live and streamed directly into iTunes. Then stay subscribed to receive the latest videos as soon as they are posted. Subscribe using the button below and get all the videos to watch anytime… Continue reading Video Podcast Released

Apple iPhone

I want one.. Due out in America in June, so we can expect to see it sometime next year most probably. Apparently going to be hugely expensive, so I can only assume that when it hits NZ it’ll be the same price as a deposit on a house! Some of the coolest things you can’t… Continue reading Apple iPhone

What is RSS? RSS Logo

RSS Feed Overview brings you weekly funnies, movie clips, music and stories from Roto vegas. Now you can choose what content you’re interested in and have it delivered to you instead! RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a free, time-saving way of getting the latest news and updates from*. Now you… Continue reading What is RSS? RSS Logo