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RSS Feed Overview

AdrianHodge.com brings you weekly funnies, movie clips, music and stories from Roto vegas. Now you can choose what content you’re interested in and have it delivered to you instead!

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a free, time-saving way of getting the latest news and updates from AdrianHodge.com*. Now you don’t have to browse or search AdrianHodge.com.co.nz for new content. By subscribing to the relevant RSS feed (click on the RSS Logo next to the category) the latest content updates will be delivered to your RSS reader and available for you to view whenever you want!

To receive RSS feed from AdrianHodge.com you’ll need to:

1. Have a free RSS reader.

You can choose to download a dedicated desktop reader, use existing functionality in your web browser (if you’re a Firefox or Opera user) or use a web-based one (that doesn’t require a software download or installation).

There’s a wide range of different RSS readers available and they work on different operating systems –

Mozilla Thunderbird: An email and rss client built into one. (Recommended) Download here

Windows: Feedreader / Newz Crawler / FeedDemon / Awasu

Web-based: Bloglines / Newsburst / NewsGator

Search Google : Search for RSS readers