Raceline Karting at Off Road NZ

Off Road NZ had their open day today in Rotorua which involved some nicely discounted rides on all their offerings. The weather was pretty miserable, with lots of overnight and early morning rain, but when I headed out there around 9:30am the sky was relatively clear. The one thing I was most excited about trying… Continue reading Raceline Karting at Off Road NZ

$1,300 dollar reason to be on Twitter

If there was any time to embrace technology and social networking, medic now is that time. I logged into Twitter at work today at the start of my lunch break (of course), discount and checked my saved search for Rotorua. I quickly discovered some new promotion Vodafone was doing around the country, apoplectic Find the… Continue reading $1,300 dollar reason to be on Twitter

Rotorua information website widget

Today I finished a information widget for rotoruaNZ.com that allows people to have the following on their own website. It uses an iFrame to show a page from the rotoruaNZ.com site. It gives us some control over Rotorua content that people are putting on their websites. It uses the Mootools javascript library for the pop-out… Continue reading Rotorua information website widget