$1,300 dollar reason to be on Twitter

If there was any time to embrace technology and social networking, medic now is that time.

I logged into Twitter at work today at the start of my lunch break (of course), discount and checked my saved search for Rotorua. I quickly discovered some new promotion Vodafone was doing around the country, apoplectic Find the 3G guy and win a Nokia N85.

Daily Post cut off from Thursday June 4, 2009
Daily Post cut off from Thursday June 4, 2009
They were in Rotorua today with clues to there were abouts:
12:05pm Clue#1 A whole house dedicated to getting clean?
12:26pm Clue#2 nice place to play bowls, he mused!

So of course it was the Rotorua Museum, so since my office is only a 5 min walk from the Museum, I quickly jumped up from my desk and walked over to the Government Gardens to see if I could spot the 3G Guy in his unmistakable bright red hoodie.

To my surprise, outside the Blue Baths, in between two of the bowling greens was the 3G Guy and there was no one around him!! – So I entered into a moderate jog to cover a bit more ground and lucky for me…

I was the first one there and won myself a brand spanking new Nokia N85 (RRP $1299), thanks to Vodafone.

Great when nice things happen to nice people ah?

I have decided to sell this phone in the hope of getting some money to put towards a laptop.
Get your hands on this phone, only $1 reserve!! – view the auction on trademe.co.nz

Photo of me with the 3G Guy