Testing other uses for my GoPro HD

I’ve recently been testing some other uses for the GoPro HD Hero other than filming footage from onboard my motorcycle or luging down a hill in Rotorua. Normally when you search for GoPro on YouTube you’ll be presented with videos of Skydiving, Base jumping, Motorsports, Watersports and many other adventurous, adrenaline seeking activities.

My 2 year old son’s first Voice Memo’s on my iPhone 3GS

Feeling quite at home on the iPhone’s unique touch-screen interface after having owned a iPod Touch for well over a year, Joshua, my almost three year old son quickly wanted to get his hands on my new iPhone 3GS. Once I showed him once how to record audio in the new Voice Memo app, he… Continue reading My 2 year old son’s first Voice Memo’s on my iPhone 3GS

Learn Joshua’s Lingo

As of right now, as Joshua is approaching 2 years and 5 months old on March 26, we thought we’d put together a chart of his special lingo Vehicles Pupaise: Helicopter Nou Nous: Motocycle Bus: Plane/Bus Weeol Weeol: Fire Engine Things/People Mote: Remote Pia: Panda/Penquin Nia: Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars) Boo car: Sally… Continue reading Learn Joshua’s Lingo

Joshua’s bedroom in 360° with Photosynth™

A cool way to virtually explore Joshua’s new ‘Elmo’ themed bedroom using Microsoft’s new Photosynth technology. To view the following you will be required the install the free Photosynth software. I would seriously recommend it, it’s really quite an amazing way to explore environments in 3D using nothing other than two dimensional photos. Or view… Continue reading Joshua’s bedroom in 360° with Photosynth™

Joshua snoring loudly

This is an audio clip I extracted from some video Kim took of Joshua today while he was having his daytime sleep. It definitely seams like a few of his grand parents traits are well ingrained into Joshua now. [audio:LoudSnoring.mp3] Reminds me of my parents snoring chorus they once performed…

Joshua Hodge gets his own domains

Well, many months ago after Joshua was born I searched for joshuahodge domains and to my disappointment joshuahodge.com was gone, but upon re-searching tonight, I’ve discovered that joshuahodge.com was available again, so I quickly snapped it up along with joshuahodge.co.nz. So stay tuned for Joshua’s own blend of website, of course I’ll get him to… Continue reading Joshua Hodge gets his own domains