Joshua’s first Helicopter ride

Well, after my workmate Craig Hammond went up on a floatplane ride over Mt Tarawera with Volcanic Air Safaris’ (VAS) last week, I was pretty envious. But fear not, Ann Parker from VAS said I could come down when ever I liked to have a free transfer back to the airport, as they store the helicopters there every night.

So after I bumped into Ann in the weekend, I double checked that it would be alright to bring Joshua down for a ride, and she was happy for me to do that, so I thought I’d better strike while the iron was hot.

Joshua was super stoked to be going UP in a papise (that’s was Joshua calls a Helicopter at the moment). Kim came and picked me up from work and we headed down to the Rotorua lakefront.

The photos below are an accurate representation of what followed…

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