Joshua’s 1st Birthday Bash Photos

Well, Joshua’s birthday went really well.

After a year of thrills, chills and spills, Joshua has hit the big 1.0
He has had a pretty enjoyable first year with Kim being at home with him in a full time position, which she has enjoyed.

As our guests turned up, we enjoyed some icy beverages outside and once everyone had turned up, had lunch which comprised of Bacon & egg pie, Buttered chicken with rice, Ham off the bone, Cold chicken, Potato salad, Green salad and Fresh bread rolls. Thank you to my wife and my mother for getting the lunch together as it was an awesome feed. The weather was pretty good, sunny with patches of cloud. It was nice and warm and we pretty much all hung outside on the patio. Joshua enjoyed having “Happy Birthday” sung to him for the first time, and then he proceeded to eat the first pineapple lump off the carefully crafted birthday cake that mum made. We then sat down and Joshua with the help from his dad and friends, opened his gifts from everyone. He had an awesome and and it was great having everyone together for the special occasion.

Later on, we broke out the animal balloon set and started inflating those long skinny balloons that clowns make animals and things out of for kids. It was a bit of a conversational piece as everyone tried twisting and turning the balloons to try and create their own personal masterpiece. There was however very little masterpieces created, but plenty of fun and laughter.

It’s a shame Tim, Pam, Sophie and Lachlan couldn’t make it as Lachlan was sick, but we will all be getting together soon up in Auckland. Jason also couldn’t make it as he had won a fishing trip up north for the weekend.

Have a look at some photos from Joshua’s Birthday below.
NOTE: Sorry about the smudge on the photos, Joshua touched the lens of the camera and I didn’t notice it until tonight.

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