Baby Progress Update

Well, pills so far so good.
Kim the little trouper is putting up with a lot, sickness the baby is getting bigger, I can now feel the lump at the bottom of Kim’s tummy, and sometimes it move’s when I apply a little bit of pressure.
She’s waking up in the middle of the night with some pains in her tummy almost every night now, but the midwife tells us that’s normal.
And then of course there is the countless trips to go relieve herself as her bladder has been squashed down with the pressure and is now the same size as mine, a peanut.
All in all things are progressing well, and we have our first antenatal class tomorrow night, and 7pm for 2 ¼ hours! – lucky it’s a Thursday, and the telly is shit house.
After all, (At the moment) Monday is Desperate Housewives, Tuesday is Apprentice and Wednesday is Lost and Invasion, that’s right, hump day Wednesday is a special day of the week alright, Thank You TVNZ.

Will let you know on Friday how the first class went and what we learnt.
Ciao people.