Update 20th April ’07

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week.
Hasn’t the weather been nice, I’ve been enjoying walking to work every day while catching up on some episodes of Nobody Likes Onions and BoagWorld podcasts.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Lee Rattray this morning on his 36th birthday.
Happy Birthday Lee, hope your family spoil you rotten and you have a fantastic weekend.
Hope you received our little something something.

Joshua is now 5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days old today.
I’ve added another couple of photos to his album and created another short video for you all to enjoy this week. You can always subscribe to the video podcast and get the latest video instantly via iTunes when I post a new one.

Got the Heat Transfer unit last weekend, and got the inlet and all the outlet holes cut, just need to connect the ducting and then we’ll get an electrician to wire the beast up next week. It’s quite tricky as I can only get in the roof while Joshua is awake as it’s right above his room.

Kim and I are thinking of my sister during her pregnancy, she is now 2 weeks overdue, which is were Kim was at with Joshua when she was induced. Christine is hoping for a home birth, but if her Midwife induces her she may need to go to the hospital. Anyways, in the next 48 hours we should have our first HODGE neice or nephew (as even Christine doesn’t know what she’s having).
So we are all very excited for Christine and Staf and wish them all the best.
Mum and Dad are up from the west coast staying with them and we are feeling for them too, as they came up for Joshua’s birth and as he was two weeks late, they only got a couple of days with him before they had to return to the motels. It seams like fate has dealt them a similar hand for their second grand childs birth as they leave Christine’s this Sunday to return home.

Well that about wraps up this weeks news.
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Have a great weekend