Ultrasound Botch-Up!

Well it seams as though the ultrasound machine at Lakes Radiology Rotorua is playing up as it only taped a blue screen Thats right…… NO VIDEO FOOTAGE OF BUBS!!! And to make matters worse, drugs there was no offer to get it done again.This is a once (or twice or more) in a lifetime experience,… Continue reading Ultrasound Botch-Up!

20 Week Scan Update

Had the 20 week scan today, and it all looked amazing!You could see everything, fingers, toes, and even while the nurse was holding the thing still, the little rascal was moving all over the show, turning, rolling over, covering it’s head, it was so cool to watch. As with the 13 week scan, I hope… Continue reading 20 Week Scan Update

13 Week Scan Video

Here is is everyone. The video of our little bubs inside Kim’s tum. Now before clicking on this link, the file you are about to stream is over 30Mb and on a dial-up connection could be a waste of your time. The steps involved in making this movie Conception, I’ll let you fill in the… Continue reading 13 Week Scan Video

13 Week Scan Photos

Here we go folks, the latest scans, hot off the press, taken on Thursday the 6th of April. Kim and I are so excited, everything looks good. Everything seems so weird as is new to us. We went window shopping today for a pram and cot, just to get an idea of the market and… Continue reading 13 Week Scan Photos