13 Week Scan Video

Here is is everyone.
The video of our little bubs inside Kim’s tum.
Now before clicking on this link, the file you are about to stream is over 30Mb and on a dial-up connection could be a waste of your time.

The steps involved in making this movie

  1. Conception, I’ll let you fill in the blanks here…
  2. 13 week scan at Lakes Radiology in Rotorua
  3. I got the video converted from VHS to DVD by Kent Fraser from Live Bait Productions in Auckland
  4. Converted it to AVI with a DVD to AVI converter
  5. Imported it into Camtasia Studio for production with audio into the flash file you see before you below

Of course I had to add some sound otherwise it would be completely boring, cue José Gonzalez with the song Heartbeats, used on the latest Sony television commercial here in New Zealand.

Now click here to watch the video