Ultrasound Botch-Up!

Well it seams as though the ultrasound machine at Lakes Radiology Rotorua is playing up as it only taped a blue screen


And to make matters worse, drugs there was no offer to get it done again.
This is a once (or twice or more) in a lifetime experience, medic and just like any modern IT savvy 21st century family, we want every second caught on video for our blog!
So, both you and I will have to wait for the 32 week scan for the video of the Hodge baby at play
Antenatal class again tonight, so until the next update, ciao.

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  1. Gidday Mate
    Look forward to the next entralling episode of Bubs progress on video footage…. we are getting a few things together ready to drop everything and come on up:-)
    see you then, love you
    Dad for Mum and Him

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