Update 13th April ’07

I hope you had a terrific easter and ate loads of hot cross buns and chocolate.

If you haven’t seen already, we took a photo of Joshua for the easter season, you can view it here.
I’m working on some new footage of Joshua, so I hope to have another video available soon.

Joshua is 5 Months, 2 Weeks and 4 days old today.
You can check how old Joshua is at any stage by checking out the “How Old is Joshua Ethan Hodge” blog post. He is starting to cut his top teeth, but strangely enough, not the middle two, but the sharp pointy ones either side. So we are going through heaps of bibs and outfits as he dribbles all over them.
Mental note: buy more bibs…
We have an outfit which we think is cursed, as every time he has worn it, he has had a power chuck on them.

We had a nice long weekend, and Mum and Dad came to visit on Monday, so I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend time with them while they were here (6 day weekend!!). My parents are in the North Island at the moment as my sister Christine is now 1 week overdue with her first child. She doesn’t know what it is going to be, so we are extremely excited for her and want to wish her all the best for the birth and the amazing months she has ahead of her.

Our wood shed is completely full now, and we are beginning to burn some wood on these cold days.
We are investing in a 3 room heat transfer kit this weekend to better move the heat around the house from our fireplace, should be a piece of cake to install…. Jason has lent me his jigsaw and everything, so I can cut holes in the roof, Kim is very concerned. Stay tuned for updates.

Hey Rattray’s! – don’t forget, it’s Lee’s birthday next Friday.

Great to see Rove back on TV 3 friday nights again, so as Rove says…
“Say Hi to your mum for me.”