Update 18th May ’07

Big news from Rotovegas

Well, my time at TUMONZ is drawing to a close…
For those of you who do not know already, I’ve been offered a job working for the Rotorua District Council in the Tourism department as their Web Development Coordinator.
Should be a drastic shock to the system after happily working for TUMONZ for nearly 5 years.
I’ll be concentrating on web design & development, which I’ve been developing after hours and will be able to further my skills in online and email marketing.
So it’s my last week in the office here at TUMONZ next week, and I start at the council on the 28th, the following Monday.

So, what will you be doing there you ask?
Here is a little extract taken from my job description manual.

Position Purpose

  • To effectively administer, maintain and develop Destination Rotorua’s Tourism Marketing external websites.
  • To co-ordinate, support and train internal and external content providers, maintain quality control of content, monitor statistics, promote and develop DRTM’s presence via the web.
  • To explore and develop web-based marketing and revenue opportunities to fullest potential.
  • To develop, administer and maintain DRTM’s internal client management databases.

So Kim and I are very excited about this, but at the same time are sad about leaving TUMONZ, as we have been a part of that happy family team for so long.
Kim and I want to wish TUMONZ all the best for the many years ahead.

In other news,

Joshua is now 6 months, 3 weeks old and has 6 teeth!
Check out the latest 3 photos of Joshua here
He is an awesome little man, we can’t go on and on about it enough.

A big shout out Happy Birthday to the big fella Reg Hawthorne today, he’s celebrating his 33rd birthday today, no doubt there will be Tui flowing freely around at the Hawthorne residence tonight. Hope you have a great day today brother and can explain why we didn’t get an invitation…?

Also a big Happy 24th Birthday to Kate Betteridge on Sunday, our little niece has grown up so fast, and is now married and living in Pinehaven in their own house. Well done Kate, and have a great day on Sunday.

Well, hope that fills your tanks of Hodge gossip for another week.
Enjoy this weeks funnies here

Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll see you all next week for the final funnies from TUMONZ!
Over and out