Rotorua awards 3000th Facebook fan

As part of my day job at Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing as Web Development Coordinator I setup and maintain the official Rotorua Facebook fanpage. Along with Craig Hammond, rx the Domestic and Events Marketing Coordinator, discount we keep the posts and updates coming that automatically get posted to our official Rotorua Twitter account. On March… Continue reading Rotorua awards 3000th Facebook fan

Caught in the act of bowls

Every Thursday this month, Craig Hammond and James Fitzgerald, two workmates from Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing and I are playing bowls at a local Rotorua bowling club taking being part of Mates in Bowls. The first week there was a local photographer down there snapping away and took our names and phone numbers. I was… Continue reading Caught in the act of bowls

The Fabulous Friday Funnies

“The next great civilization to arise was Ancient Greece, which came up with an exciting new governing concept called “democracy,” from the Greek words dem, meaning “everybody gets to vote,” and ocracy, meaning “except, of course women, slaves and poor people.” -Dave Barry Spanish singer Julio Iglesias was on television with British TV host Anne… Continue reading The Fabulous Friday Funnies