Joshua Ethan Hodge is here.

He’s finally here!!
Introducing Joshua Ethan Hodge
The newest member to the Hodge family, Joshua. Born by cesarean at 5:06am today, 26th of October 2006 at a weight of 8.4lbs or 3.74kgs

Joshua is doing fine, swallowed a little meconium during labour and got a little stressed out, so was taken to special care unit for monitoring during the day. He has been given antibiotics to make sure everything is okily dokily, so you’ll notice a needle in his hand in some of the pictures. We were all together overnight last night and the little guy is doing really well, feeding heaps, and getting to know mum and dad.
Kim is recovering amazingly, not too sore and moving around already.
So we’ll be out tomorrow and back a home for the weekend, all going well.

Thanks for all the support over the last few days everyone.

To check out photos of Joshua Ethan Hodge click here

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  1. Ah nice sweet looking baby – pity about the poo! Hope you guys get some sleep and have loads of fun bringing up Joshua – say hi to Uncle Jase if you see him and can you send me his email address?

    ta’s very much

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