First attempt at HDR photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I noticed a pretty dramatic looking sky. So I whipped out the tripod and my Canon EOS 450D, stepped outside our house onto our shared driveway, set the Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) to -+2. Setting AEB enables it to quickly take three shots with a different exposure setting in quick succession.

Using the built in automated Merge to HDR script in Photoshop CS3 to bring the images together. Saved as a 32bit Tiff.
Opened in Photomatix Pro 3.1 and tone mapped.

Click on the images below to see the three original images and the resulting HDR image at the bottom.

img_6123 img_6121 img_6122

My first HDR photo

I’m hooked! – Look out for future HDR images as I sink my teeth into popular Rotorua landmarks.