Learn Kaylee’s Lingo

As Kaylee is now 26 months old (2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days to be exact) she has her own style of talk. So just like we did for Joshua around the same age, we thought we better do the same for Kaylee.

So here is a chart of her most commonly spoken vocabulary.

Num nar – Food (feed me)
Marma – Marmite, but she means Jam
Bobble – Bottle of milk
Wa wa – Water
Nana – Banana
Apoo – Apple
Pee – Pear

Mumma – Mum
Daddy – Dad
Da Da – Joshua
Deylee – Kaylee
Nanny – Mandy (Kim’s friend)
Ella – Mandy’s daughter Bella

Mi Mar – Micky Mouse
Darlie – Dora

Airpeen – Airplane
Apee – iPad
Weewe – Kiwi (soft toy)
Lulu – Old neighbours dog
Bubba – Our cat Busta

Ah oh – Whoops
Peeze – Please
Ta – Thank you