White Water Rafting – Kaituna River

Just got back from our White Water Rafting trip on the Kaituna River in Rotorua.
Man, it was pretty awesome, we went over the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world (according to their website)

The company is called Raftabout, and they ran a pretty good operation out there. I was really impressed with the staff knowledge and facilities, and would recommend Raftabout to any thrill seeking individual visiting Rotorua.

Check out the photos from our experience in the Photo Gallery.
We have some video footage on the way, will let you know when it makes it’s debut in the Video Gallery.

An excerpt taken from their website:

THE KAITUNA RAFTING EXPERIENCE – (Meaning eel food) Grade 5 The Kaituna boasts the Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall (7m) in the World. In fact, there are 3 waterfalls among the 14 rapids; two smaller waterfalls to practice on before attacking the 7-meter drop named Tutea Falls. In amongst beautiful, clean/green NZ lives a great deal of Maori History – the area is renowned for the tribal wars of the past. Behind and around the Waterfall exists caves used for the hiding of women and Children, and later the burial ground of Chief Tutea. There are many Maori Myths and Legends associated with this River known to the locals as Okere (waterfall). The Kaituna River is situated at Okere Falls, between Rotorua (20 minutes drive) and Tauranga (45 minutes drive). We are the only company to have a Private River Base with full amenities and private access to the river. This is 50m North of the Okere Falls Bridge on State Highway 33.