Update 5th Feb ’07

Joshua is now 15 weeks old, and has cut his first tooth.
I felt one of his middle bottom two incisors yesterday, which would
explain why Joshua has been drooling quite a bit recently.
It’s weird cause he hasn’t been upset at all.
We are so blessed with our little guy 🙂

Two new photos of him in the gallery

Kim and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday.
We both spent the day at home with Joshua, it was a really great day.
I feel horrible, because I didn’t take my wife out for dinner or anything,
I’ll surprise her when she least expects it….

Not too much on the cards for this weekend, bit of new website work coming in which is good.
Check out the Flash Leather Suit Colour & Measurement Selector
which I worked on last weekend at www.quasimoto.co.nz
It gives buyers the ability to customize a one piece leather race suit (from 6 designs) to the exact colour and size specifications they enter. Obviously, don’t submit the details unless you want to buy one…

Been slowly getting the wood split and stacked for this coming winter.
It’s a bit of a mission, since I’ve been so lazy and left it this long.
But will get that finished (hopefully, weather permitting) this weekend, I promise babe! kim 😉

We went over to Taupo last weekend to visit Jason & Jane and Kims Dad Russ & Joylene.
Had lunch at Jolly Good Fellows with Jas & Jane on the Taupo lake front.
The food unfortunately was not up to par with the amazing view, so we were a little disappointed.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with this weeks funnies.
Stay tuned in, have a great weekend and
we’ll catch you all on the flipside.

Ciao for now