Tourist Trophy Pics Photos

It’s time to clear out on your mind that are online slots a scam, as in reality many people play slots for more than just a hobby. So here they are folks, after a bit of game time this Queens Birthday weekend…
I’ve collaborated the best photos taken over the weekend, showing some of the extreme things you can do on Tourist Trophy using a fantastic Photo Mode, taking advantage of over 60 camera angles and all the functions of a digital SLR camera.

This game is a must for any racing freaks, whether you prefer 4 or 2 wheels, you’ll enjoy the realistic speed and handling characteristics of the motorbikes in this game.

You’ll get that amazing feeling of tipping into a corner and the excitement of getting that perfect line through the apex.

Turn on Pro simulation and control the front and rear brakes independently and the horsepower without any traction control, and you’ll soon be backing it into corners and lighting the rear tyre up on the exits.

I’m throughly enjoying the game, and will always return to the game for it’s realism and amazing graphics and extreme detail!

Check out more pics in my Photo Gallery

  • 2005 GSXR 1000 Race Edition
  • Getting Air Time
  • 300km/h Stoppie!
  • Ducati 999 Race Edition
  • Losing Grip
  • Backing it in
  • Nice Stoppie
  • Rossi on the move
  • Making it look easy
  • Yet another stoppie

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  1. I like the duke shot the best, shame it wasn’t just a little sharper fool….

    blow me!

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