Rattray Raglan Retreat Photos

Well, after a short stop over in our own bed after driving all night from Wellington, we were completed wacked!
We returned to Rotorua after our trip down to Punakaiki for the Hodge Family ‘get together’ 2007. We got in at 1am and slept till 7am when Joshua woke.

It was a chance to quickly sort out some of our stuff, send out last weeks funnies, and write a blog about the Punakaiki trip…
You know… the important things.

So here we are again, Another family trip safely under our belt for 2007.

We got on the road to Raglan after lunch around 1pm with Kim’s father Russ following closely. It’s a good 2 hour drive from Rotorua, 1 1/2 to Hamilton, then just over 30 mins to Raglan from there.

Lee, Paula, Alyssa and Nicholas were already there to greet us warmly when we arrived, we soon unpacked and started to unwind again. The first thing to do after hugs and handshakes was to re-introduce Joshua to Nicholas and to compare everything… “no, not that you filthy person…“.
We weren’t there long before the Rattray boys decided it was beer o’clock and cracked open a couple. So feeling the need to detox after drinking too much Kahlua down south, I opted for a non alcoholic beverage to start with.

Tim, Pam, Sophie and Lachlan arrived a bit later after we had thrown together and had dinner.
It was really cool to have all the kids together and we all got some awesome photos of the three boys and all the kids together.
We are really hoping to keep in touch with Kim’s brothers more often and look forward to our next get together.

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