MotoGP coming to Taupo New Zealand?

It has been said that MotoGP could be coming to New Zealand as soon as next year. Developers of the circuit have got a principal agreement from the organisers of the MotoGP that they will come to New Zealand. The exposure alone for New Zealand would be huge, not to mention the revenue generated just from the masses of spectators that would come from around the world to watch the amazing motor sport in action down under. But the flow on from increased tourist dollars would be beneficial too.

Now it’s up to the government to fund the 12.5m required to fast track the final development of the track to international standards.
I’ve created a petition to formally lodge support for this to take place, if you have an interest in the MotoGP, or if you support increasing New Zealands exposure to the world tourist dollar, be sure to sign the petition and share the link with friends and family.

Sign the Official NZ MotoGP Support Petition here

Visit the Offical Taupo Race Track Website Visit the Offical MotoGP Website

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