Melbourne Cup at Agroventures, Rotorua

There’s plenty of fun to be had at Agroventures in Rotorua. With five different adventure activities all on the one property, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to enjoy Rotorua if you enjoy a little adrenaline pumping action.

Our office staff at Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing were invited out to Agroventures this evening to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. We were split into two teams and competed head to head in four of the heart pounding activities fighting for the best score.

First up my team was up to the Swoop, racing head first to the ground strapped into a harness with a soft horse toy in hand to drop from a couple of stories up onto a target while swinging… easy eh?

Swooping with James at Agroventures, Rotorua Eyeing up the target while swooping at Agroventures, Rotorua So close to a bullseye but best score of the night

Then we were off to Freefall Extreme, craw out onto the netting and wait for the DC3 aircraft propeller to whip up some 180km/h winds… gulp

Crank up the motor boys, Freefall Extreme at Agroventures, Rotorua Getting some lift now on Freefall Extreme at Agroventures, Rotorua Not my best look while on Freefall Extreme at Agroventures, Rotorua

This place has truly an electric environment and is worth a visit just to check out the awesome atmosphere. Find out more about Agroventures on their website,