Update 16th Feb ’07

Well Howdy All.

Firstly, I’d just like to wish Emmerson and Charlie a big congratulations on their engagement from Kim, Joshua and I.
We are super stoked for you both.

Well, Joshua is now 16 weeks,
I’ve thrown together a Best of Joshua 01 video clip for you to watch in the videos section of this site.
You can see some of Joshua’s special moments over the last few weeks.
Smiling, Laughing, Giggling, Sneezing, Talking, Screaming, and a special playtime with his cousin Nicholas Rattray
Turn the sound up enjoy.

Well, I said I was going to do the firewood last weekend, and I didn’t 🙁
Instead, I changed the layout of the photo gallery.
Once an album is selected, you’ll be able to select any of the photos in that album easier by scrolling through the thumbnails from the list at the top of the photo. (Just hover over the middle icon).
For a list of what buttons do what, simply hover over the help icon (bottom middle of photo).
There’s a couple of new ones of Joshua in there as well.

So a couple of changes and additions to the AdrianHodge.com site this week.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, looks like it could be a great one.
I’m off to Paeroa on Sunday for some NZ Superbike street racing, should be awesome.
Ciao for now and enjoy this weeks funnies