One Year to the Day Photos

Well it is now one year to the day, that I sold my 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 sports bike.

It was Easter weekend 2006, an interesting time our life, Kim was pregnant with Joshua at around 16 weeks and we only owned the bike and Kim’s compact two door 1991 Honda Prelude with little room in the backseat for anything, let alone a baby capsule, and don’t get me started on the boot size of that thing, it was pathetic.
We had the need, and it was no longer for speed! – it was for child safety and luggage size!

So I made the decision to put the bike on the market, thinking that it would take a while to sell.
Well not even a week after my listing was up on TradeMe, I got a call from a Papamoa resident wanting to come over and ‘have a look’. After a quick inspection, we was off on a test ride with his wife and young son waiting behind. The time seamed to stand still as I waited for him to return from his ride.

Upon his return he offered me my asking price in cash, so I took a few minutes to consider the repercussions of not having a motorcycle to go for liberating rides around all of the bay of plenty during sunny afternoons and weekends.
Thinking of the future with Joshua, it had to be done as we needed to invest in a larger car to carry baby stuff, and I knew this but didn’t want to admit it. So I accepted his offer and he rode the bike away moments later.

It was perfect timing really as we had found the Legnum on TradeMe days before and selling the bike aloud us to purchase this car at a bargain price, and it’s been a little gem, we can’t imagine not having a car with a reasonable sized boot anymore.

These are the last few photos I took of my bike before I sold it.

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I have got my eyes set on a newer model of the GSXR750 and one day soon, I’ll get on the road again.