MotoTT Trackday – Taupo, February 11, 2011

It was to be my third ever trackday at the Taupo Motorsports Park and I was feeling great!
It was a Friday, so had taken a day off work to participate, I had one goal to achieve by the end of the day… to get my ‘knee down’

Below is the layout of the track for this track day, Track 1, or the original full 3.3km circuit.
Taupo Track 1, the layout for the day

For the first session I wanted to try a new camera angle with my GoPro HD. I had found the previous ‘top of the helmet’ view to be too elevated and weird, so I tried the side of the helmet.

Session One – Side Helmet

While it was a better angle, the camera kept knocking against my jacket on left hand turns (while my head was lent over to the right), so will have to try setting it up slightly differently.

Alright, gentle first session out the way while practicing ‘getting off the bike’ a.k.a. sliding my arse half off the seat while leaning out. Second session was all about attempting to get my knee down. I set up the camera on the right hand side of the fairing, but after thinking about the track layout more (being a clockwise track, with more left handers than right) I switched it over to the left to capture my left knee so I could see just how close I was coming to touching the ground with my knee, BINGO!

Session Two – Left fairing, Rear facing

Then for an afternoon session I went for the trusty ‘Chesty’ cam which is by far the most immersive view from onboard a motorbike.

Session Four – GoPro ‘Chesty’

Photos from the day